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Agneta Post subject: Hollies in Kamratposten 1968
Rythym Guitar

Rythym Guitar
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An interview with Graham Nash, made by a Swedish Hollies fan, that I found in a childrens magazine from 1968.

Swedish Holliesfan Lena Westerberg, age 15, got to meet and interview the Hollies on their tour of Sweden 1968.

When the English pop group the Hollies give an interview, itís almost always Graham Nash who speaks for the whole group. That was the case when Lena met them too Ė the one who answers her questions is Graham.

Question: Is the music that you play also the music that you like the most?
Answer: Sometimes, not always.

Question: How many records have you recorded?
Answer: The new one in England is called ďListen To MeĒ and it is our 20th recording, I think.

Question: Witch one of your records was the first one to get to nr 1 in the Top Twenty?
Answer: A record called ďIím AliveĒ.

Question: Which song do you like best of all the songs youíve recorded?
Answer: ďKing Midas In ReverseĒ.

Question: I have heard that you are thinking of recording an LP with C&W music in America.
Answer: Perhaps we will record a couple of c&w songs eventually, but I donít think we will record an LP with just c&w.

Question: Who are your favourites in pop music?
Answer: Simon & Garfunkel, John Sebastian and others.

Question: Is there any difference between audiences in different countries?
Answer: No, not in particular. Young people are the same all over the world, everyone needs entertainment.

Question: Why? And in which way do they need entertainment?
Answer: For example when we were in Poland three years ago. We didnít know anything about what we could expect from the audience. But the kids there just went wild, just because they hadnít EXPERIENCED pop before. It was almost like the Beatlesmania that was ravaging in England at the same time.
I suppose that young people feel very strongly about pop groups, since most of the groups today are rebellious against grown ups. I guess thatís a reason why we get such a good reception.

Question: Was Bernie with the group from the start?
Answer: No, he joined us about two years ago.

Question: How many times have you been in Sweden?
Answer: Iím not sure, it must be eight times now.

Question: Is there anything in Sweden that you donít like?
Answer: Iím not very fond of travelling really, but I have nothing against Sweden. If I had, I wouldnít come here.

Question: When are you coming back to Sweden? Because you are coming back, arenít you?
Answer: Oh yes, we will be back! Sometime next spring I think we will tour here again.

Question: What were you doing before you joined the Hollies?
Answer: I was working in a post office, selling stamps and things behind a counter. Then I have worked in a shop selling menís clothes.

Question: What do you do in your spare time?
Answer: I write, songs and poems. If I canít put music to something Iíve written, I call it a poem.

Question: Who do your admire most of all?
Answer: Bob Dylan (protest singer who is criticizing the society).

Question: What do you wish for most of all?
Answer: Peace.
PostPosted:Sun Jan 16, 2011 18:51 pm
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Knut Post subject:
Lead Guitar

Lead Guitar
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Very well done, Agneta! Interesting to read those old clips. It all adds to the story of the band.

Would you believe the Hollies had power to stay by evolution of their style from Buddy Holly ? That's for certain because they follow what goes around, write on and go out on the road. They did it then, they do it now - please do it always.
PostPosted:Mon Jan 17, 2011 17:20 pm
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