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Gee Post subject: Then, Now, Always - A Brief Overview
Rythym Guitar

Rythym Guitar
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For the benefit of Overseas Hollies fans and any yet to get a chance to hear the new album....

Lead Vocals: PETER HOWARTH, Except as indicated.

An Exhilarating opening track with a delightful Tony Hicks guitar hook....which leads us into Bobby's Autobiographical number....sung by Mr.Hicks himself ...... re his & Tony's (& also Bernie Calvert's !) Musical roots as part of "Ricky Shaw & The Dolphins"....tho' lyrically the song actually mixes together "Dolphin days" with their early "Hollie days" too Tony recalls: "...The Bus Stops and the Carousels..." etc

A mid paced flowing wistfully nostalgic, yet breezy track, with sharp Bobby Elliott Drumming, skilled Ian Parker keyboards, Ray Stiles solid bass work, gentle acoustic backup guitars, and fine Hicks electric guitar work, and all vocals harmonies duly provided by Tony Hicks....tho' Peter Howarth joins Tony for the"Forever" lines towards the end....

Powering Tony Hicks Electric guitar lines, emphatic Bobby Elliott drums and featured Ian Parker organ intro....see Peter Howarth taking lead vocals...and also all the Harmonies too....on this dynamic Pop Rocker which features some great "Echoing" style Hicks guitars...and very unified band support throughout.
The track has potential single written all over it...a typically commercial Hollies number.
Peter Howarth, as to be expected,puts great feeling int his Lead vocal.

Tony Hicks' Electric sitar (of "The Baby" etc fame) makes a welcome return on a Hollies album track....backed again by fine Ian Parker "Synth' string" & keyboard gentle supporting guitarwork...and the expected red hot rhythm section.
A slower yet driving persistent Ballard type number with a very catchy chorus, Tony Hicks mesmerising Electric Sitar work is a joy to hear once again, while the Vocal Harmonies are provided by Howarth-Hicks-Lauri
Peter Howarth gives another splendid Lead vocal....this track could also work as a single...

A more uptempo number with a crystal clear guitar intro...this cruisin' track sees tight close harmony vocal passages....with Tony & Steve handling repeat backing vocal lines on specific parts..behind Peter's assured Lead vocal...
Tony Hicks again provides the backup guitars.

Ian Parker's piano intro leads into a gentle Ballard....Bobby featured on brushes on snare drum percussion early on...and full drumming as the song builds...Hicks provides acoustic and electric Peter Howarth again makes a Romantic number his own with a cool yet dynamic where required Lead vocal performance...
Tony Hicks adds a powerful Lead guitar notably from a tight harmonised bridge section.....leading into an unexpected tremendous Hicks guitar solo which concludes the lovely number.This track too might well work as a single....

Bobby Elliott crisply opens this unusual sounding "Modern" Hollies number...

Steve Lauri is featured Lead vocalist on this busily scuttling along Rock flavoured track.....Tony Hicks' great HEAVIER electric guitar is featured some snippets of "Backwards guitar" effect here and there...adding fine atmosphere to the piece
Commanding Bobby Elliott drums purposefully drive the track an Express train....Ray Stiles powering Fender Bass ....and assorted Percussion fine Ian Parker keyboards throughout ...combine for a very different Hollies number.
Howarth-Hicks-Lauri provide very tight close harmonies featured well forward in the mix but kept back to specific passages giving the track overall a very slick feel...Note the sudden ending....

Now....Flip the "Record"....Over to "Side Two".....?

With another heavier guitar into and subliminal keyboards.......Peter Howarth again handles ALL the vocal parts on this fine Pop-Rocker...
a slower paced but very solid dynamic track that sees Peter again in top form..."living the song ! "
nice backup Organ work & a few "all Consuming" synth' fills where required by Ian Parker, great bass playing by Ray Stiles...low in the mix but so important....with metallic sounding featured loose backup electric guitar ....and distant much heavier Rock support guitars, all combine to excellent effect on this pulsating track.


Ah the sophisticated Hollies....once again in their "Cool Laid back" style....somehat reminiscent of "Steely Dan" (Remember "Come Down To The Shore","My Island","Let it Pour", "Caracas" etc...?), a superbly flowing item...
Bobby intros the number in top style....then Tony Hicks provides exquisite featured Lead guitar lines....expertly reeled off....Bobby Elliott is in super cool mode here....Ray Stiles adds congas & his skilled Fender Bass....with gentle keyboards from Ian Parker, & fine flowing support guitars....the number sees The Hollies at their most relaxed, expert, and seemingly effortless....
Peter Howarth gives a wonderful lead vocal....Howarth-Hicks-Lauri really excel on the closest of harmonised vocal passages...featured extensively on this delightful item....Another potential single for sure....?

A Re-cut least partially, if not more likely totally... of the fine song originally used a the rare German 'B' side to "So Damn Beautiful" in 2006.
A clear Tony Hicks Electric guitar intro leads us into this delightful flowing brisk number....
The Hollies in fact improve on the earlier version....a sure sign of the latest version of the World famous band's considerable progression....
Bobby Elliott's terrific own drumming being a notable addition on this version
....while Tony Hicks provides fine backup guitars behind his intricate lead work...while Ray stiles fine bass work & Ian Parker's subtle backup "Synth' strings" and supporting keyboards complete the musical landscape of the track to perfection...

Peter Howarth provides another skilled lead vocal performance....and is the featured voice on the slower bridge section...otherwise the carefree gentle backup and then much higher featured close harmony vocals are Howarth-Hicks-Lauri tight as we have come to expect.
This song really now "Finds it's feet" on an album....


A slower. more dramatic Ballard.....the band in very unified sound here...with some lovely sweeping Hicks backup guitar & Parker skillful percussion....make this great track "Tick over" superbly....Peter Howarth again gives an impassioned Lead vocal....remember "Let Love Pass" ? - some double tracked vocals here & there....great supporting Howarth-Hicks-Lauri Harmonies....and Peter doing the "echoing" title line ....

Bobby intros a very memorable closing track....with added echoing Ian Parker keyboards ...this mid-tempo Pop/Rock number features a fine Peter Howarth lead vocal....opening in Peter's lower vocal range...tho' gradually building up to his more recognised vocal delivery...while Tony Hicks this time adds all the harmony this number a very intimate sounding feel....
Percussion is added to the bridge section....where Peter's lead and Tony's harmonies sound a bit like Oasis (!).....them duly sounding like Hollies/Beatles of the sixties !

The track also features Peter & Tony together singing a very effective counter vocal passage; "Together we can run away..." and Peter concludes the slower ending passage...complete with a lovely Ian Parker piano ending.

Some skilled effects & various programmes have been used ....see Ray Stiles ultra detailed "Who Did What..." web page on the band's website...

The ultra detailed cover painting is adapted from Mark Nelson's painting "Mill town" taken....while the Album was Mastered by Peter Mew at Abbey Road studios.

Hope this is of use to overseas Hollies those not in cities on the current UK Tour...

This IS an Album well worth getting ! Cool
PostPosted:Mon Mar 23, 2009 14:20 pm
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holliesfan Post subject:
Lead Guitar

Lead Guitar
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Thank you so much Gee for providing this US fan with such a thorough overview of the CD track listing. I just sent my money for the new CD and can't wait to pop it in the player once it arrives. You are a tremendous asset to this website and your knowledge is much appreciated by me and I'm sure, by all those who visit this site.
PostPosted:Mon Mar 23, 2009 16:56 pm
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